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General Office

Responsible for the management of comprehensive issues of The Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Department of Research Management

Declaration and management of research projects in humanities and social sciences; Routine management of key achivements; Management and maintenance of research information system.

Department of Think-tank Management

Resibonsible for the management and service of think tanks in Zhejiang University; Make the development plans and related policies and cultivate talents group ; Implent the internationalization of think tanks.

Department of Platform Management

Overall management of research institutions; Resibonsible for the publicity works.

Department of Planning and Development

Cordinate with other units of Zhejiang University; Organization and management of university-level major projects; Global cooperations and exchanges in humanities and social sciences.
Add: Rm 209A, Lecture Building No.3-B west, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University,Hangzhou, P.R.China
PC: 310058
TEL: 0086-571-88981089
FAX: 0086-571-88981089
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