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Zhejiang University Added Another Provincial Think Tank


Recently, th?e Leading Group of Philosophy and Social Science of Zhejiang Province officially issued a document that Zhejiang Legislation Research Institute?? and Zhejiang University Legislation Research Institute were newly added as the new key professional Think Tank of Zhejiang Province.


The new Think Tank of Zhejiang Province is an applied research platform with the m?ission of serving the scientific, democratic and law-based decision-making of the government.


Zhejiang Legislation Research Institute and Zhejiang University Legislation Research Institute were jointly established in 2018 by the Standing Committee of National People's Congress of Zhejiang province and Zhejiang university. The institute aimed to fulfill great strategic needs of the development of the country and Zhejiang?/span>meanwhile to contribute Zhejiang intelligence to the construction of China's rule of law. Based on rich legislative practice, the institute uses comparative analysis, social science? jurisprudence analysis and big data analysis as methods to conduct in-depth research on the basic and importantly hard points in the field of legislation, so as to help promote legislative level. Since ?its establishment, many achievements have provided strong support for the legislative work of the NPC and provincial lead??ers.

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