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Academy of Financial Research, Zhejiang University


?Founded   in January 2010, Academy of Financial Research, Zhejiang University (AFR) is a new type of research platform which is based on the co-establishment of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Province and integrates government, industry, universities and research institutions.


??Upholding principles of characteristics of the times, China and Zhejiang Province, AFR is mainly featured by researches on regional financial development and focuses on researches on local finance, small and medium-sized finance, private finance and entrepreneurial finance. It also actively conducts creative researches to meet major strategic and urgent needs in financial development.


??Facing internationally academic frontiers and nationally major strategies and serving the innovation and development of national regional financial industry and financial market, AFR strives to become a high-level and leading research base, demonstration base and talents training base of financial innovation, and first-class financial research platform and policy think tank with Zhejiang characteristics.


??Since its establishment, AFR has undertaken and successfully completed many national and provincial key projects, including Research on Positive Prevention of Financial Risks in Construction of Belt and Road Initiative, Twelfth Five-year Plan on Financial Development of Zhejiang Province and Financial Harbor Plan of Qiantang River.

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