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Academy of Global Zhejiang Entreprenueurs,Zhejiang University



??Established in 2011, Academy of Global Zheshang Entrepreneurship, Zhejiang University (AGE) is an integrated platform relying on a wealth of disciplinary resources of Zhejiang University. In recent years, AGE gathered social forces to achieve the mission, that is to study, serve, promote and publicize Zheshang through academic research, talent cultivation, professional development workshops and other activities related with Zheshang at home and abroad.


Academic Innovation platform

?Academy of Global Zheshang Entrepreneurship, Zhejiang University has undertaken systematically theoretical and empirical study focused on innovative pioneering, global operation, healthy development and other fields, providing contributions to the construction of new business management theory with Chinese characteristics.


Talent cultivation platform

??Through the active connection with Zheshang, social organization, government departments and other talent resources, Academy of Global Zheshang Entrepreneurship strives to nurture future leaders from corporate donation, tutor recruitment, teaching practice base construction.


Enterprise empowered platform

?Based on national and enterprise strategic objectives, Academy of Global Zheshang Entrepreneurship strives to promote high-quality Zheshang development through professional development workshop, high-end forum, scientific cooperation and other approaches.


Vision??: To become the world-class Zheshang research platform

Mission??: To study, To serve, To promote, To publicize

Value: To cultivate talents for Zheshang development

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