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Social Sciences Experiment Center of Zhejiang University


??Established in July 2009, Social Sciences Experiment Center of Zhejiang University is an interdisciplinary comprehensive scientific research institution of ZJU. Featured by quantitative analysis and experimental techniques, it is an important part of Double First-class construction and crucial support of think tank construction of Zhejiang University.


?Consisting of Research Center for Social Investigation, Laboratory of Policy Simulation, Laboratory of Experimental Social Sciences and Center for Analysis in Liberal Arts Information, it conducts empirical researches and theoretical explorations which combine individual behaviors, social phenomena with macroeconomic policy.


The paper Social cycling and conditional responses in the Rock-Paper-Scissors game by Wang Zhijian, Xu Bin, etc. was selected into Best of 2014 of MIT Technology Review??, Science News Highlights of 2014 by BBC, Top Ten Academic Progresses of 2014 of Zhejiang University and won the first prize for Basic Theory Research of the Eighteenth Outstanding Achievements on Philosophy and Social Sciences of 2015 in Zhejiang Province.


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