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Institute of Cultural Heritage


??Established in March 2010, Institute of Cultural Heritage is an university-level scientific research institution in the innovation of humanities and social sciences which relies on ZJU’s interdisciplinary advantages, in order to implement the national strategic plan of becoming a Cultural Giant and enhance national cultural competitiveness and cultural soft power.


??Institute of Cultural Heritage includes center for science and technology archaeology, center for research on historic building conservation, center for unearthed literature research, center for art and archaeological research, center for research on cultural relics protecting materials. It is the first institution of secretariat of National Innovation League (Zhejiang Province) in Cultural Heritage Conservation Science and Technology and important academic supporting institution of Key Research Base of State Administration of Cultural Heritage in Digital Protection of Grotto Cave Temple Cultural Relics (Zhejiang University).


??After seven years of efforts and construction, Institute of Cultural Heritage has taken the platform advantage and actively explored the system and mechanism of collaborative innovation, achieving good results in interdisciplinary studies, regional cooperation and social service. It has also reached a domestically advanced level in unearthed literature research, cultural relics digitization, geophysical archaeology and other areas, wining high praise and recognition from domestic and foreign fellows and academia.

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